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How big is the online labour workforce? Our data-driven approach to this tricky question

Development in digital communication technologies has made transacting work remotely easier and more economical. Online labour platforms, also known as online outsourcing, crowd-work, or online gig platforms, are at the forefront of this transition. They allow workers to serve multiple clients at varying hours remotely from their homes or co-working spaces instead of working full-time…
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Pandemic-proof jobs? IT freelancers in high demand, other online workers facing cuts

How are online labour markets reacting to the COVID-19 crisis? Does demand for online work diminish, as companies are facing declining revenues and reduce non-essential spending, or could the pandemic lock-down lead to additional demand for remote work? In our recent study ‚ÄúDistancing Bonus or Downscaling Loss? The Changing Livelihood of US Online Workers in Times…
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Can online labour platforms bring jobs to the countryside?

Digital technologies have created new online marketplaces and industries, and they fundamentally changed how we live and work. But until recently, they have not changed where we work. The internet brought cloud platforms, video calls, and virtual teamwork, but the jobs still clustered in metropolitan areas. The Covid-19 pandemic might now mark a turning point…
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